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A Few People I've Worked With Recently

Paul (39, Chelmsford, England)

Paul is a married, father of two. He wanted to drop the fat he'd gained in his late 20's & early 30's and have more energy to keep up with his kids.

He lost 19lbs of fat in the first 3 months and 4 inches off his waist. Nice muscle tone now too.

Daniela (35, Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Daniela Hantuchova is a former world ranked #4 pro tennis player, Olympic athlete and long term client.

"I have worked with Mark throughout my career and he has always kept me feeling and looking great". - Daniela

Meli (34, Miami, USA)

Meli has an office job and wanted to tone up and lose her belly fat while still keeping her curves.

She lost 14lbs of fat over 4 months, 3 inches off her waist, 3 inches off her hips and gained some great tone and shape.

Cristina (31, Miami, USA)

Cristina was one of the quickest members to show results. She stuck to the program very well & established some easy eating habits with the nutrition tips.

She lost over 15 pounds of fat, 3 inches off her waist & 3 inches off her thighs in 12 weeks. She also gained some great muscle tone in her abs, shoulders, arms & back.

Lou (42, Southend, England)

Lou didn't need a transformation but was looking to regain her body from her 30's & increase her energy levels, to look & feel a bit younger. Lou lost 10 pounds of fat, gained some great tone in her abs, shoulders, arms & legs.

"Absolutely loved it. Makes such a difference when you enjoy the workouts & you have a trainer that knows exactly how hard to push you". - Lou

Janice (31, Miami, USA)

Janice was a beginner to fitness & working out. She picked up the exercises really well & progressed quickly. She was looking for muscle tone & to lose her love handles & fat around her hips she had gained in her late 20's.

She lost 13 pounds of fat, improved her posture a lot & gained great muscle tone, especially around her shoulders, arms & mid section.

16 Weeks To Your Best Body.

Try It TOTALLY FREE For 2 Weeks.

I Promise, No Gimmicks, No Fitness Fads, No Wasted Time.


  • Lose your belly fat.
  • Drop dress sizes.
  • Get your beach body.
  • Tone and shape your arms.
  • Sculpt your hips, butt & thighs.​​​​
  • Reduce/eliminate aches & pains.
  • Increase energy.


  • Shred the fat.
  • Build balanced muscle.
  • Confidence to take your shirt off.
  • Sculpt your abs.
  • Defined shoulders, chest, arms.
  • Reduce/eliminate aches & pains.
  • Increase energy.


  • If we consume more calories (eating & drinking) than we burn over a certain time, we will gain  weight.
  • If we consume less calories than we burn over a certain time, we will lose weight.
  • The greater this calorie surplus or deficit is, the faster we gain or lose weight, respectively.
  • Learn the tips & tricks to eliminate empty (fat and simple carb) calories from foods without affecting taste or satisfaction.
  • Learn how to choose satisfying, tasty foods when eating out that won't pile on the pounds.
  • Discover ways to control portion sizes without affecting satisfaction.
  • Easily achieve a calorie deficit with your daily food.

How It Works

Try the program for TWO WEEKS. If you don't love it, leave it and get your FULL MONEY BACK. If you enjoy it and wish to continue, then follow along as best you can with the workouts and nutrition guidance.

  • Fill out the questionnaire telling me your goals, wants, exercise preferences etc.
  • Give me 48 hours to review and design your program.
  • I'll send you your personalized workout plan and member access online.
  • Try the program for 2 weeks totally free. If you don't like it, leave it.
  • If you continue, follow the workout schedule and nutrition guidance the best you can.
  • Use the easy to follow, color coded calendar to track your workouts and progress.
  • Use the member portal to fine tune your workouts as you go.
  • Stay in touch and get help with anything you need.
  • See the first results after only 2-3 weeks.
  • Look and Feel Amazing
  • Use what you have learned to easily maintain your new look.

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