A year or so ago, I realized I had a pretty good method for general fitness and health that I had perfected over the last 10 years or so helping friends and family get in shape. Everything has gradually been tweaked and updated over the years and is all based on the principles of exercise science and the physiology of our bodies.

I hope you’ll give the programs a try.

FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't like it.

It will get you past the sore days when you first start and let you see how everything is structured and fits your schedule. You’ll also get the first little results after two good weeks and you can see if the program is for you. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks for you to notice the difference in how you feel and first start to see the difference in how you look. Then around 4-5 weeks, those close to you will notice the changes. Then at about 6-8 weeks, everyone else will notice too.

What it comes down to are workouts that target everything we want from a fitness, weight loss, fat burning, muscle toning/building, energy increasing exercise program. Below is a general guide of what the programs will target for ladies and gentlemen. This can further be customized through the questionnaire that you fill out at sign up.


  • Lose your belly fat.
  • Drop dress sizes.
  • Get your beach body.
  • Tone and shape your arms.
  • Sculpt your hips, butt & thighs.​​​​
  • Reduce/eliminate aches & pains.
  • Increase energy.


  • Shred the fat.
  • Build balanced muscle.
  • Confidence to take your shirt off.
  • Sculpt your abs.
  • Defined shoulders, chest, arms.
  • Reduce/eliminate aches & pains.
  • Increase energy.

The workout programs have some key principles that will get you the results in as little time as possible. They are based on my studies and career with pro athletes. Basically, the same way that we use the science of the body to maximize athlete performance (power, speed, strength, reaction etc.), we can also use the same principles to target fat loss, muscle tone/gain and all the other things we want for general fitness. For us, it is about:

  • WHAT exercises we do.
  • WHEN we do them (order of the workouts, which days we target certain muscles and energy systems).
  • HOW OFTEN we train areas of the body and how often we train similar ways.
  • NUMBER of reps we do each set.
  • NUMBER of sets we do each workout.
  • INTENSITY of the workouts (intensity of reps, sets and overall workout).
  • REST INTERVALS between reps and sets.

And the programs can be done easily at home or outside with very little equipment. Or you can workout with a full gym. Choose which ever works best for you & what you’re most comfortable with. You can change things up any time as you wish.

Everything will fit around your life. Work out anytime and for longer or shorter sometimes depending on what you want/need to do.

And the time frame that you can get results from is the smallest possible while doing it safely and importantly, SUSTAINABLY.

At the end of the program you’ll know the tips and skills to maintain your look and feeling easily and without much thought.

There is no exact time frame to say when you’ll get the full results you are after. After the first 2-3 weeks you should start to notice & feel the first improvements (clothes fitting just a little looser or glancing in the mirror & seeing small changes in your shape). Around 6-8 weeks in, you will really see some great results with fat loss, muscle tone/gain & in the energy you have each day. Around 16 weeks, you should be where you wanted to be when you started the program (if you’ve followed the program well).

They will challenge you at times and push you, but all in line with your current level and goals.

The workouts fit around your lifestyle and time available. There is a unique calendar system track your progress.

If you think you can do a few of the exercises shown through this page then you’ll get great results from my programs. None of the exercises are groundbreaking, there are many variations and new twists of regular exercise to maximize the benefits, but generally there is nothing too complicated…it isn’t necessary.

It is the structure of the workouts that is the key (number of reps, sets, intensity, energy systems challenged, muscles worked, rest interval time etc).

Every workout you'll see is designed to burn the maximum amount of calories, to tone/build the most muscle and to be as simple as possible to do. With my pro athletes and in this program, I use simple, proven exercises to get the best results.

The exercise selection maximizes muscles used, time under tension of the muscles and overall challenge to your body. The cardio and energy system development exercises are designed and ordered to challenge your body just enough to see the maximum results at each level. I believe they are the most efficient workouts you can find.

You’ll be doing a mix of simple muscle toning/building exercises…toning or building depending on your goals and the questions you answered at sign up. And then a mix of energy system targeting exercises to burn the most calories and shred the fat as quickly as possible. It will also leave your metabolism revved up so that you go on burning extra calories long after you finish your workout for that day.

The workouts fit around your lifestyle and time available. There is a unique calendar system to easily track and adjust your progress as you wish.