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General Information

I have spent the last 20 years researching, studying and working in the field of exercise science, human performance & general health & fitness. The programs here are a culmination of all the knowledge & experience I have gained over the years, from working with elite, pro athletes & general people wanting to lose weight and feel great again.

From your questionnaire answers at sign up, I will send you your personal program that targets exactly what you want, nothing you don’t & does so in the shortest time possible. The programs are very simple to do & follow, they fit your current level of fitness & progress you comfortably.

General health and fitness is not rocket science, but it is a science. Top, pro athletes and the bodybuilders, totally ripped men and women you see on TV, Instagram and online, are at the extreme end of what training and fitness is all about. They train 3-5 hours a day, watch every calorie they eat and dedicate their life to their pursuit of performance or a certain look. And many of them are unhappy, stressed out and hungry all the time. It is hard and takes a lot of dedication to be ripped all the time, to keep mega muscle on your body, keep body fat at 6-7% or lower. And especially for women, reducing body fat below these levels can have other side effects to your health.

For you to shred fat, tone and/or build lean muscle and reduce many of the chronic aches and pains you have as you age takes about 5% of the effort and time that the ‘pros’ put in. And you can enjoy going out to eat without having to stick to a salad for your meal. You can relax if you have a bad day of eating and just can’t resist that chocolate cake or greasy hamburger. We all do it…nothing to feel guilty about and you can still have your ideal body shape and health.

I have taken the key components from what I've learned over the years in regards to fat loss, muscle toning/building and diet and nutrition and simplified it all to get exactly what most people want….DROP FAT, TONE MUSCLE, CORRECT POSTURES, REDUCE ACHES AND PAINS. GET THAT LEAN, TONED, ATHLETIC LOOK. And this has all been combined to work multiple areas with the same exercises for a concise and effective program.

All the workouts can be worked in around your lifestyle. The important thing is that it allows you to live your life as normal, with enough sleep, enough time for your family, friends, career and social life/interests, while still getting you the results you want. Life is everything that happens while you are not working out. Feeling and looking great just allows you to enjoy it all a lot more.

I offer programs for women and men of all ages. Simply fill out the questionnaire when you sign up and I will custom design a program for you.

In my studies and with working with pro athletes and personal training over the years, I have seen every body shape, body type and age you can imagine. And I think i’m pretty good at maximising what each body can get from working out.

Great! I have programs for the absolute beginner. Designed for people looking to feel and look better and have more energy in their days. They are designed by me to fit your current level of physical capacity as you begin, and progress you at a rate that fits your lifestyle and physical ability.

If you are already a pretty hard core lifter, gym goer and are looking to get ripped, huge or some other extreme physique then these programs are probably not for you.

But if you have a good history of sport and working out but have let it slip over the last few years then this program will help you shred the fat, build/tone muscle and feel great again. I’ve had many clients over the years who used to be very fit, toned and lean. But life happens, kids happen, work stress happens etc. and your fitness and health takes a back seat for a while.

Check out Paul on the home page for a great example. A father and husband who had gradually gained over 20lbs in his early 30’s as his life was busy. He didn’t want to be 3% body fat and huge, but just to gain his energy back that he had in his late 20’s, drop some fat and tone up his muscle. I think he did pretty well.

The Workouts

The initial program is around 4 months and you should start to see and feel the first changes within about 3 weeks of starting. As a general rule, after 2-3 weeks you will notice a difference in how you look and feel, after about 4-5 weeks, those close to you will start to notice. Then from 6-7 weeks onwards, everyone else should notice as well.

The sessions vary from around 25 mins to 45 mins depending on which stage and level you are on.

Ideally, you will be doing 4-6 workouts a week. Six is the best and will obviously burn more calories overall and lead to faster and better results. Five is ok and you will still see great results. Four is the minimum you can do and expect good results with this program.

The workouts can be done anywhere you would like...home, gym, park, beach etc.

For the at home workouts, I would suggest you purchase some resistance bands (light, medium & heavy). You may also wish to get some small dumbbells/free weights (5, 10, 20lb) if you’d like a variation to the resistance bands...although the whole program can be done with just the bands.

These simple equipment pieces are all you need and shouldn't cost more than $30-40 / £20-30. Once you sign up, you’ll see independent links where you can purchase resistance bands and free weights online. Or you can purchase them yourself from any other retailer.


Every body is different and your results will depend on a number of factors. But if you fill out the questionnaire honestly at the sign up, and you stick to the schedule of the workouts, you should start to notice a difference in how you look and feel after about 3 weeks.

When I designed these programs I had a few main goals in mind. First, was to create a program that is as short, simple and effective as possible in allowing people to drop fat, tone and/or build muscle, look & feel great. Second, was also to help reduce chronic aches & pains that most people deal with at some point in their lives.

If you fill out the questionnaire honestly at the start, stick to the program & follow the nutritional tips & advice, then you should achieve all these things mentioned above. If you are starting the program with more weight to lose that another person, then it will probably take you a little longer to get to your end goal. But stick with it, the results will come.

My goal is for you to have the look, feeling and energy that you want...Fit.Healthy.SIMPLE.

Absolutely not. In the nutrition section you will find simple tips and guidelines to allow you to eat all the foods you currently enjoy. There are tips on how to reduce empty calories, reduce over eating, enjoy your food & eat what you want.

This program is specifically designed to allow you to continue to eat all the things you enjoy. Food is an important part of life and should always be enjoyed for yourself & with friends and family.

There is no counting calories, no logging what you eat, no logging every step you take. Simply, follow the program and the nutrition tips & see the results start to come.

Life is everything that happens while you are not working out. This program gives you the results you want in the minimum time and effort needed to get them. You won’t waste any time.

All your workouts can be tracked simply on the UNIQUE COLOUR CODED CALENDAR as red, orange or green, depending on what you did that day. Then you can simply look back at the calendar, see your progress & what results you should be expecting.

The beauty of these programs is that they fit you. If you fill out the questionnaire honestly at the sign up, you will get a custom program, designed by me, for your current level of health & fitness.

If at the start though you struggle to complete the workout or can’t keep going for each set don’t worry at all. Just do your best and stick with the program each day. You will be surprised at how quickly you will catch up and be whizzing through the sessions. Half a workout is better than no workout. Five press ups are better than two. Half a lunge is bette than no lunge. Start as you can & you’ll get better quickly.


Before starting this exercise program (as with all exercise programs), you should first get clearance from your regular doctor or health care provider that you are healthy enough to begin an exercise program.

My programs are designed to gradually improve postures, flexibility, joint mobility and reduce joint stiffness…it is built into the programs so you don’t have to think about it.

Start the program slowly & within your comfort ranges with all the exercises…ranges of motion can be as small as you need them to be so you don’t have any pain.

If you do feel pain with any of the exercises, use the Alternative Exercise options to see if you can find one that doesn’t cause any pain. If you still have discomfort or pain, then stop the program & seek medical advice.

As we age, working our postures, the small stabilizing muscles and surrounding structures is as important as working the big muscles. Looking great is so much better when you feel great too.

During your first program (approx. 4 months), you see all the information needed to be able to maintain your new look and feeling as you wish.

When you have completed the first program, you can choose to sign up for another round of programs. Or you may simply wish to use what you have learned in the previous program to train on your own. Both are great options and you’ll know what feels best for you once you get to that point.