Sustaining a healthy eating pattern while enjoying everything that you like to eat comes down to a few simple habits and changes. There is no magic method for fat loss, calorie deficits and losing weight with your food. As a general rule, we should all try to eat healthy, whole foods, high in protein and nutrients and low in saturated fat and processed ingredients.

But this is not always possible...or wanted. Food is a big part of life and should be enjoyed.

There Is A Simple Rule For Gaining Or Losing Weight.

  • If we consume more calories (eating & drinking) than we burn (daily activities, exercise etc.) over a certain time, we will gain weight.
  • If we consume less calories than we burn over a certain time, we will lose weight.
  • The greater this calorie surplus or deficit is, the faster we gain or lose weight, respectively.

Creating a calorie deficit, or at least maintaining a calorie balance, can be achieved using two easy ideas:

  • Eliminating certain empty calories from our everyday foods and drinks that don't reduce flavor, enjoyment or satisfaction.
  • Learning simple tricks to reduce portion sizes of the really high fat/sugary foods that we all crave. Still eating them, but often  reducing overall calories by 30-50%.

This method works no matter your sex, age, size or amount of weight you would like to lose. Yes, if you want to lose 40lbs and someone else wants to lose 15lbs, the process will take a little longer to lose the 40lbs. But following the ideas here, you will still get there, all while still being able to eat everything you enjoy.

Take a look at any diet advertised on TV or online. No matter what the idea is...low carb, high protein, keto, macros, Atkins, fasting, Weight Watchers etc., if they are successful for you, they all end up getting you in a calorie's that simple. If you find a diet program that you enjoy and it works for you then please stick with it. There are many different methods for achieving the same results.

For me, I want to share the methods and tips that I use for myself and with my pro athletes for controlling and manipulating calorie intake. I am always after a sustainable method.

The athletes I work with need to compete and be fit year round. The same methods work just as well for anyone else looking to enjoy their food, create a good calorie balance and drop fat.

The good news is, is that most of us are not gaining weight at a rapid rate, more than 20-30lbs per year. Usually, weight gain sneaks up on us, more like 10-15lbs per year maybe or less.

Gaining 15lbs over a year is ONLY an excess of 144 calories per day,

or 1010 calories per week.

At first, this may seem like a lot but in reality it is quite simple to reduce our daily intake by 144 calories:

  • Ordering a medium fries at McDonalds instead of a large will do it.
  • Having half as much mayonnaise on your sandwich will usually do it.
  • Having your coffee with half as much cream, low fat milk and half sugar will do it.
  • Using low fat/no added sugar breads will do it (save around 60-100 calories per slice).
  • Having a slightly smaller portion of mashed potatoes will do it.

There are many more tricks and tips on how to do this with your food. Methods for eating out, cooking at home, company parties, social events.

My point is, is that to reduce a significant amount of calories from your current diet is very simple and while still eating all the things you enjoy.

We are only reducing small quantities of high, empty calorie foods and additives from our diet. This allows us to maintain the flavor and tastes of what we enjoy and continue to eat pretty much everything we like.

And by reducing these simple carbs, sugars and some bad fats from our diet, not only are we helping ourselves achieve a calorie deficit, BUT we are also reducing the worst type of calories from our diet. This means that it helps us get leaner, more toned, build muscle and have more energy along the way too.

We do need to consume a decent amount of calories for normal bodily function, energy, immune function, mental and physical well being. We need some fats in our diet, we need carbs and plenty of protein.

But if you learn the simple ideas here, you can eliminate the empty, non-healthy calories in your current diet, keep all the good stuff AND it all tastes the same.

And if you add a simple exercise program that burns 300-600 calories per session, you can see how easy it is to swing this calorie balance even more in our favour.

It shows that to go from gaining 15lbs per year to losing 15-20lbs or more in the same time frame is easily and comfortably possible.

Those of you who have worked with me in the past will know that I'm a big fan of enjoying your food. It is a big part of our lives. And I think that most diet plans, at best, tend just to give us a quick, often quite extreme, half fix for the short term.

If you ask me, life is meant to be enjoyed. A big part of this is with socializing, going out with friends...eating pizza, burgers, pasta, drinking beer, wine and whatever else we desire. Food is, and should be, a big part of our lives and our enjoyment of it.

The real issue we have and what most of us gain weight from, is with portion size and extra, empty calories in our food...basically, HOW MUCH we are eating and NOT WHAT we are eating.

By learning A FEW KEY things to reduce or avoid, we can enjoy all that we want and still drop or maintain our weight.