If you ask me, life is meant to be enjoyed with family, friends, social gatherings, good food, wine and beer. These things are an important part of life and bring most of us great pleasure.

So, how do we balance our lifestyle and not waste any more energy than we have to working out?

I believe the key to this balance is to use efficient and effective workouts that use exercise science and our body’s physiology to minimize the time needed while maximizing the results we will see.

There is an optimal combination of exercises, an optimal combination of which body parts are used when, an optimal combination of which programs to do on which days, that will ultimately achieve our goals in as little time as possible.

My programs have evolved to focus only on what actually needs to be accomplished and then try to do it as efficiently as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.

It means that I won’t waste a minute of your time.

I spent years at university studying, a few years working at one of the leading sports academies in the world and working alongside some of best physical trainers around today. And I have spent thousands of hours learning and developing my skills. These skills are specialized in the athletic training, personal training and health and fitness. It is something I love to do.

Along the way, I have tinkered with my methods as experience and new research has taught me. All with the aim of getting the maximum result from the littlest time. My pro clients already spend 5-6 hours a day practicing their sport. If I were then to have them in the gym, on the court or training outside for another 2-3 hours a day, their bodies would break down. So I have to design workouts that maximize exactly what improvements are needed in each athlete but at the same time, get the job done in as little time and with as little stress on the body as possible.

I’m 43 now and my body has been changing and slowing down just a bit from when I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s. But I have managed to maintain my energy levels and my physical capacity pretty much the same.I have also kept up my muscle tone and leanness from my 20’s.

I was seeing many friends feeling tired, gaining fat and losing muscle tone.Personally, all I want from my body is a lean, toned look without too much bulk and thickness and with few aches and pains. And I want this at any age, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond.

As I continued with my workouts and kept my look and capacity, I had many people, friends, pro sport coaches and family ask me for workouts to get them in shape as well. They all wanted the same, to drop fat, tone and build muscle and have more energy each day.

So I did what any lazy, somewhat smart person would do. I developed the simplest, easiest, most effective program I could to target what everyone wanted.

Not wanting to spend too much time on these programs as I was already working full time with my pro clients, I kept giving my friends shorter and shorter workouts. Workouts that they could maintain and use by themselves.

I took the same principles of human physiology and science that I use with my pro athletes and made it specific to general fitness and health for the rest of us.

All with a time frame and manageability that fits an everyday lifestyle. And with limited or no equipment needed.

It will leave you with the knowledge to sustain your weight loss for the future without ever having to think much about it at all.

The program also shows you how to enjoy all the things you love to eat and still keep the fat off.

So, how do we achieve this balance of not wasting time with our workouts but still looking and feeling great?

The answer is to workout as efficiently as possible.

Meaning, that every exercise we do should maximize what we get out of it as far as calories burned, muscles toned and energy systems developed.

This way we can burn a high level of calories in as short time as possible, sculpt our shape and tax our energy systems in our bodies enough, that it goes on to burn extra calories for the next several hours after we train. We stimulate and challenge our metabolism to speed up fat burning, muscle toning/building and recovery.

I hope this site will inspire you to take the first step in getting in the best shape of your life? You have my word that these programs are the very best of what I know how to do and what I have been studying and practicing for over 15 years. All you have to do is start.