Our bodies are an amazing organism which has the ability to adapt to many different stimulI and conditions. We can use this naturally to achieve an amazing look and feeling.

If you are wanting to compete in a bodybuilding competition, or a bikini fitness competition, or to break some power lifting records, then you need to push your body to the limit. You will need an incredible discipline with your training schedule, diet and personal life to make the sacrifices needed to achieve these goals.

If you are like me however, then your goal with fitness and health is to look great (not extreme), feel great (more energy each day, less aches and pains), and generally give yourself the best shot at living a healthy life for as long as possible.

In order to achieve this level of fitness and health for our daily lives, I think most of us would like to do it with as little effort and time as possible? To maximize the efficiency of each workout that we do. To burn the most calories, tone/build the most muscle each session.

The good news is that this level of fitness and look requires a lot less effort and stress than most of you probably think. The key is the type of exercises we do, how many we do, how often we do them, which energy systems in the body are targeted and at what intensities we workout at.

You would be surprised at how your body can change with only 4-6 workouts per week of 25-45 mins each and some simple, small adjustments to some of the empty calories we eat daily.

We don’t need to do 2 or 3 different variations of an exercise that targets one muscle or group of muscles in one workout, with 3-4 sets of each. I often see people do a regular bicep curl with dumbbells for 3 sets, then move on to hammer bicep curls for 2-3 sets, then find the cable and do 3 sets of easy bar bicep curls. This is way over training after the first exercise that session. For sure, we can mix up the exercises we do to hit certain parts of our bodies, but mix it more over the days and not in the same workout. It is a lot of wasted energy that is not getting us closer to our goals.

It is over stimulation and beyond the third set of the first exercise, the extra benefits we achieve are minimal. Generally, 3-4 sets of one exercise with anywhere from 12 to about 25 reps (depending on the exercise) is all you need for each muscle or group of muscles. Anything more than this is wasted effort in terms of toning or muscle building. There are better ways to use this energy, move on to the next exercises and stimulate the whole body and shred the fat as well as toning the muscle.

For the last 15 years or so, I have not trained with more than one exercise for an individual muscle or 1-2 exercises for a group of muscles in one session. I target a whole body, balanced physique and staying lean.

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